Russian Regions to Host Several Festivals for Foodies in 2017

PHOTO by mythja / Depositphotos

Afisha.Restaurants is planning to organise gastronomic festivals throughout Russia. The events will be held in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, Yekaterinburg and other cities, event organisers told

"Such events increase people's gastronomic sophistication, which has a positive impact on industry development in general,” said Alexander Sysoev, marketing director for Afisha.Restaurants. “We want to do things like this to help the restaurant scene in the provinces become richer and more varied.”

The first festivals will take place in spring and the second wave will begin in the fall. Well-known chefs are expected to be special guests at the festivals. "Our clients are very curious; they love to discover new places and tastes, and are interested in everything,” said Adrian Quetglas, executive chef for the St. Petersburg-based SimpleWine Bar and Moscow-based Grand Cru and AQ Kitchen. “They usually have a few ‘favorites,’ but they often change. That's why a variety of concepts is very important now."