Filming for Stalin Movie with Depardieu Complete

PHOTO by Evgeny Biyatov / RIA Novosti

Gérard Depardieu announced the completion of principal photography for the movie “Le divan de Staline” (Stalin’s Couch), directed by Fanny Ardant. The movie’s premiere in France is scheduled for Jan. 11, 2017, according to a statement made by TASS on Monday, Nov. 14.

“I play the role of the national leader, but his image is quite different from how he’s usually portrayed in books. In the movie, he not only realizes that other people fear him – he starts to fear himself,” Depardieu said.

The actor believes that Ardant has created a “movie opera”– “It starts with a high note and keeps it until the very end.”

The director said that she wanted to make a movie about absolute power and its relationship with art. “I believe that Depardieu is the only actor capable of playing someone like Stalin. The film was tailored specifically for him,” Ardant emphasised.

The movie is based on the namesake novel written by Jean-Daniel Baltassat, which was published in France in 2013. In the book, set in the year 1950, a young artist named Danilov (Paul Hamy) sets out to the Soviet Leader’s secret residence to talk about the project for the “Father of Peoples” monument. This is not Fanny Ardant’s directorial debut. In 2008, she directed a family drama entitled “Cendres et sang” (Ashes and Blood).

In 2013, Depardieu was granted Russian citizenship and was given a passport by President Vladimir Putin for his contributions to cultural and cinematic development. He stated on several occasions that he was glad to be a Russian citizen.