Floating Museum to Open in Moscow

PHOTO by Nikolai Galkin / TASS

One of the boats in the Moscow river fleet will be converted into an interactive exhibition and excursion area. The renovated boat will feature exhibition halls, conference facilities, a meeting room, a café and staff cabins, according to the official website of the Mayor of Moscow.

The Moscow Department for Competition Policy has already announced the creation of a tender for the project, and the floating Moscow River Museum is expected to be located on the Moskovsky Ekolog, which is already home to an environmental laboratory specializing in water analysis. The visitors will be able to expand their knowledge of the local waterways and ecological resources during these trips.

The interactive exhibition and excursion area is scheduled to welcome its first guests in 2017, the Mayor of Moscow’s website confirmed.

This past August, plans were announced to open a new museum in Moscow’s Lefortovo District. The museum will celebrate Fyodor Konyukhov’s around-the-world hot air balloon flight, and the museum will be located at the residential estate currently under construction on Krasnokazarmennaya Street. Private collectors plan to contribute over 500 exhibits from Konyukhov’s many expeditions.