Forbes Names Most Expensive Russian Internet Company

PHOTO by Sergei Konkov / TASS

Yandex took first place in a ranking of the most expensive Russian Internet companies, according to Forbes. The company is worth an estimated $7.6 billion while Mail.Ru Group took second place at an estimated $4 billion.

Third place was taken by free ad service Avito, which Forbes estimated at $2.5 billion. Wildberries ($419 million), Ozon ($302 million), Lamoda ($301 million), Yulmart ($236 million) Citylink ($215 million), 2GIS ($200 million) and Exist ($165 million) rounded out the list of the top ten most expensive Russian Internet companies.

A year ago, Forbes estimated Yandex at $4.3 billion and Mail.Ru Group at $4.7 billion. The revenue data was either provided by the companies themselves or gleaned through interviews with analysts and insiders.