Foreign Tourists in Russia Spend $12 Billion Annually

PHOTO by paanna / Depositphotos

The Russian Federal Agency for Tourism, or Rostourism, calculated how much foreign tourists spend. Foreign tourists in Russia spend around $12 billion annually, TASS reported, citing Oleg Safonov, head of the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism.

The official noted that this means that Russia has to focus on promoting its tourism opportunities overseas.

“It’s important to promote national tourism offers on the global tourism market, and increase awareness among foreign nationals of the travel and recreation opportunities in Russia,” Safonov said.

The Visit Russia marketing centre, which is tasked with promoting Russia as a travel destination in overseas markets, already has locations in ten different countries. During the opening ceremony of the Japan National Tourism Organisation, or JNTO, office in Moscow last December, Safonov announced that there were talks about launching a Russian tourism centre in Tokyo.