Four Russians Make Trip from St. Petersburg to Gambia by Old Russian Car

PHOTO by TV-channel «360°»

Four residents of Tomsk took a trip to Europe and Africa in an old Russian VAZ-2106 automobile, TV channel 360 reported.

The adventurous group was taking part in the Banjul Challenge, a cross-country odyssey that requires participants to make the trip in older vehicles. They started on Dec. 23, 2016, in St. Petersburg and they crossed 12 countries in 15 days.

The trip ended in Banjul, the capital of Gambia. Upon arrival, the travellers gave the car to the locals as a gift and flew home.

The four Russians faced difficulties during the trip. "In Morocco, there was a full search with a large number of dogs and armed people in uniform,” said Roman Krainev. “By the end of the journey, all the police stations knew about us.”

They also had a run-in with some criminals on the Senegalese border but that ended well.

In December, Russian travellers drove two Soviet-era Volga cars along one of the highest mountain roads in the world in China.