Moscow History Museum to Give Visitors Free 'Golden' Cake

PHOTO by Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

The State Historical Museum in Moscow, in honour of its 145th anniversary, will treat visitors to cakes covered with edible gold, according to the capital’s official website.

A total of 145 desserts will be cooked, reflecting the number of years of the museum’s existence. The total mass of the cakes will be 500 kilograms and the cakes will be covered in edible gold.

The dessert will be offered to visitors on Feb. 11. An entry ticket, which will be half-price on the day of the anniversary, is required to receive a piece of cake.

The cakes are handmade according to recipes from a Paris cookbook dating back to 1752. If the cakes are not all eaten on Feb. 11, the remaining ones will be served the next day.

The State Historical Museum was founded in 1872. Located on Red Square, its collection includes more than 5 million items and 14 million pages of documents. Over 1.5 million people visit the museum every year.