Russian Travellers Go from Moscow to Bangkok by Train and Bus

PHOTO by ‘Pasha and Lena are Going by Train to Thailand’ / Vkontakte

Elena Gitt and Pavel Kotikov, two travellers from the Moscow suburb of Khimki, covered the distance from the Russian capital to its Thai counterpart in 55 days using buses and trains, Gitt told

According to Gitt, the duo left Moscow on Jan. 5. During their journey, the Russians passed through Mongolia, China, Cambodia and Vietnam. Gitt and Kotikov will now spend the next ten days in Bangkok while they plan their next trip.

As Gitt explained, they decided not to travel by plane to better understand how large the world is. She said that the longest ride was a railway ride from Moscow to Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Republic of Buryatia, which took four days. The Chinese city of Guangzhou impressed the Russian travellers most of all.

In May 2016, Gitt and Kotikov quit their jobs and went on a trip around the world. Over seven months, they travelled to 14 different countries, including Norway, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia, as well as through Russia.