Girls in Bikinis Advertise Snowy Beaches of Russia's Irkutsk

PHOTO by yulia_koko_ / Instagram

Young residents of Irkutsk took part in a photo-shoot on the banks of the Angara River wearing only bikinis as part of the "White Beaches of Siberia" promotional campaign, regional newspaper Argumenty i Fakty reported.

In order to advertise both the local beaches and winter holidays in the region, the girls set up sun loungers and umbrellas on the snow-covered beach. According to participants in the project, they did not feel cold at all.

“White Beaches of Russia" started in December 2014 in Zheleznogorsk, a city in the Krasnoyarsk region. Since then, residents of a number of cities in Siberia have taken part in the project.

In April 2016, thousands of people set a world record by skiing at Sochi’s Rosa Khutor mountain resort in only bathing suits.