House in Moscow Suburbs Built Using 3D-Printer

PHOTO by Apis Cor

Russian company Apis Cor built a house in Stupino near Moscow with the help of a special 3D-printer that it had designed. The construction of the 37-square-metre building took less than a day. However, it took about a month for the materials to become hard enough to use, according to the website 3DToday.

"It's all about the technology and materials that we use,” the construction company’s website read. “Phrases like ‘print house’ and ‘home made of fiber-reinforced concrete’ sound weird, and it's therefore hard to take a step towards something unusual. But there's always a person who is the first to put on flared jeans or to sing gospel on stage. And unusual things become part of our lives. 3D printing in construction is only gaining momentum; it's just a matter of time.”

The Stupino project was announced in late October 2016 and construction began in December. After the walls and floors were finished, the glazing was done and finishing touches made.

Despite the fact that construction of this unusual house is almost complete, no one will live in it. The building will become an exhibition for visitors interested in the latest building technologies.