Hyundai to Begin Exporting Russian-Made Cars to Non-CIS Countries

PHOTO by Igor Zarembo / RIA Novosti

Hyundai is considering exporting cars manufactured in Russia to countries beyond the Commonwealth of Independent States, or CIS. According to Alexey Kalitsev, executive director for Hyundai Motor Company CIS, Latin America is a potential new market for the South Korean car manufacturer.

When asked about the prospects of developing new export markets this year, Kalitsev responded, “Yes, including non-CIS countries, as the CIS countries are almost all covered already. Export is one of this year's priorities.”

The potential new regions and countries haven't been determined yet. “It could be Latin America, it could be the Middle East or some other countries – it's too early to say,” Kalitsev stated.

Hyundai’s St. Petersburg factory has been exporting cars to CIS countries since 2011 and to the Middle East since August 2015. The Creta and Solaris models are available in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt and Lebanon, Hyundai Motor Company reported in August 2016. Over two million cars were delivered abroad in the first half of 2016.