Ice Hotel to Reopen in Russian Kamchatka

PHOTO by Kamchatka Krai Agency for Informatization and Communications

Construction is under way in the Kamchatka region on Russia’s only igloo hotel, the regional government’s press service reported.

The Gornaya Territoria hotel will feature several small igloos assembled from ice blocks and one larger igloo that will be made with a snowmaking machine. The project will employ volunteers from across Russia, who will arrive in Kamchatka in several days, although preparations are already under way.

“The igloos will be strong enough to ensure a comfortable night’s rest,” said Vitaly Lazo, head of the hotel. “The temperature inside will never drop below 3°C (37°F) and there will be a specially designed multi-layer system of several sleeping bags and animal skins to keep you warm throughout the night.”

Ice hotel 2

The complex will be located on the premises of the Nachikinsky resort, which is 94 kilometres from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

This is the second time the ice hotel will open on this site. The first igloos were built here in March 2016 and closed in May due to the upcoming summer season after having received about 100 guests for overnight stays.

Ice hotel 3