In Monaco, Russian Cuisine Flies High

PHOTO by Saharosa39 / Depositphotos

From Nov. 27 to 30, Monaco is hosting the Chefs World Summit. The event brings together more than a thousand chefs from around the world, including some of Russia’s best cooks, reported.

Twin brothers Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky, Savva restaurant’s brand chef Andrey Shmakov, Moscow-based French chef Michel Lentz and Natalia Marzoeva, the founder of the Russian Gastronomic Seasons initiative, are representing Russia in the principality.

“Dishes prepared by our chefs were received with enthusiasm,” said Marzoeva. “Andrey Shmakov put together borsch and beef while the Berezutsky brothers offered northern shrimp with guava and lychee.”

Additionally, a round-table discussion titled “Russian Cuisine Today: What is It?” will take place on Nov. 29. Joel Garault, a renowned chef from Monaco and a Michelin Star recipient, will moderate the discussion.

At the end of last week, Moscow chef Adrian Quetglas and his eponymous restaurant in Spain also received a Michelin star.