Indian Tourists Flock to Russia

PHOTO by SV_Production / Depositphotos

About 70,700 tourists from India visited Russia last year, showing the 38-percent growth compared to 2015, according to the head of the Russian Information Centre (RIC) in India Ekaterina Belyakova.

“The outbound market began to develop in India in 1999, it is very young and growing rapidly,” Belyakova added. "In the beginning, tourists were actively travelling to Asian countries such as China, Singapore and Malaysia, but now Indian tourists prefer other destinations.

About 21 million Indians (mostly men) go on vacation every year. The growth rate of outbound tourism is an average of close to 8% per year. According to this criterion, India is already ahead of China, Belyakova added

In October 2016, Russia and India signed an agreement on tourism cooperation to boost the mutual flow of travelers. According to the National News Service (NNS), in 2018, two countries will hold a cross-year of tourism.