Indigenous Peoples Celebration to Take Place in Moscow

PHOTO by Vladi_mir / Depositphotos

A celebration of the indigenous peoples of the Arctic will take place in Moscow on Feb. 20, according to a statement issued by Greenpeace Russia. The event will be held near Muzeon, also known as Fallen Monument Park, from 11 am to three pm.

Visitors will get the chance to learn about the culture and traditions of the peoples of the Arctic and the way they live, including going inside a real chum, a tent used by nomadic reindeer herders.

There will also be traditional forms of entertainment and a virtual reality experience that offers a glimpse of the Far North.

The Bryusov, an anchored ship-turned-venue, will hold a press conference at noon during which reindeer herders of the Khanty people will speak about their mission to protect their lands from oil spills and other environmental hazards that have resulted from the industrialisation endangering the Arctic.

Reindeer herders and ethnologists are currently gathering signatures to preserve the most valuable parts of Numto Park, in which the administration of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District allowed oil drilling last year.