Moscow Region Attracted $11.6 Billion in Investments in 2016

PHOTO by olenka-2008 / Depositphotos

The economy of the Moscow region attracted 700 billion roubles ($11.6 billion) in investments during 2016, according to Andrey Vorobyev, governor of the Moscow region.

“Almost 700 billion roubles were invested in the regional economy over the last year,” Vorobyev said during his annual address to the residents of the Moscow region, or Podmoskovye. “But we need more to develop the territories. I’d like to reiterate: investors, welcome to Podmoskovye!”

Vorobyev claimed that according to an expert evaluation, the Moscow region is the second most popular area in the country in terms of investment appeal. The governor emphasised that it’s important that the regional administration works with “everyone who represents and protects the interests of businesses.”

He noted that foreign companies are vigorously investing in the region. “Leading global companies — Bosch, Mars, Danone, Valio — are expanding their production in the Moscow region,” Vorobyev said. “Fifty-three companies from 15 countries have invested in the region over the last three years.”

Vorobyev explained that only the Moscow region has three special economic zones – Dubna, Stupino and Fryazino – and 51 industrial parks and manufacturing facilities. “These areas are ready for almost all types of production,” the governor said. “Practically every municipality has one. The task is to find investment projects for them so that every area is like Dubna.”

The official said that Dubna “ran out of the allotted land of 214 hectares, so we added 35 hectares for new enterprises.”

Following his address, Vorobyev tasked the Moscow region’s investment ministry to “continue a persistent, rigorous campaign promoting our unique offers.”