Iran to Buy Pancakes From Russia's Ryazan

PHOTO by Rawlik / Depositphotos

“Lina,” a manufacturer of frozen semi-finished products from Ryazan, may begin deliveries of thick and thin pancakes to Iran, RNS reported, citing the Russian Export Centre (REC) and the representative of the company, Elena Kozlova.

“Yes, we are in the process of [negotiations – Gazeta.Ru] ... no contracts have been created or signed yet,” said Kozlova.

According to the REC, the company can begin to deliver its products in the middle of 2017. The first batch of pancakes for Iran, which is a container weighing 14-15 tonnes, will only be sold in one city. Later, they will be available for purchase in five-six major cities of Iran, and eventually across the entire country.

“Russian pancakes will cost more in Iran – there is a price limit at the legislative level for products made within the country, yet such restrictions do not apply to imported goods,” the REC said.

It is noted that “Lina” is also considering the import of vegetables from Iran, with the aim of reverse loading capacity logistics.