ISS Visible to Naked Eye in Moscow Sky in February


The International Space Station, or ISS, will be visible in the Moscow sky this month, according to a report by the Moskva news agency, which cited a statement by the press service of the Moscow planetarium.

“Every evening between Feb. 3 and 15, the ISS will appear over Moscow, the European and the Central regions of Russia,” the planetarium stated. “People will be able to see it with the naked eye after 6 pm Moscow time in the form of a fast-moving bright star. You won’t need telescopes or binoculars to see it. The ISS is moving very fast and it is extremely difficult to witness with an optical device.”

The ISS moves from west to east and makes one turn in one and a half hours. It can be seen from Earth only at a time when the station is lit by the Sun and is reflecting sunlight.

The ISS looks like a fast-moving white star but it can become bright orange in the Earth’s shadow.