FT: Italian PM Talked EU Leaders Out of New Anti-Russia Sanctions

PHOTO by Alexey Vitvitsky / RIA Novosti

Matteo Renzi, prime minister of Italy, has reportedly persuaded leaders of Germany, France and the UK to not implement new sanctions against Russia, according to the Financial Times. The document adopted at the conclusion of the EU Summit in Brussels does not include any new sanctions against Russia.

Furthermore, the issue of sanctions was not raised during the talks, the TASS news agency reported. According to the Financial Times’ source, the leaders of Germany, France and the UK were the main supporters of tough measures against Russia while their opponents – Spain, Austria, Cyprus, Greece and Italy – actively opposed any new sanctions.

“During nine hours of talks at the European summit in Brussels, the Italian prime minister succeeded in removing a proposal for new sanctions that had been put forward by Berlin, Paris and London on the eve of the meeting,” the Financial Times reported.

The National News Service reported earlier that the Kremlin declined to comment on the possible introduction of new EU sanctions over Syria.