Russia and Japan to Increase Life Expectancy in Russia

PHOTO by Konstantin Chalabov / RIA Novosti

According to Hiroshige Seko, Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as well as Minister for Economic Cooperation with Russia, Russia and Japan are working together to develop a plan that will increase life expectancy in Russia by improving healthcare and creating more comfortable living conditions.

“When Prime Minister Abe met with President Putin [in Sochi], he gave him a plan that included eight areas of Japan’s economic cooperation with Russia,” Seko told Russia 24 in an interview. “If we talk about the content of this document, we can say that one of the areas of cooperation is related to the increase in life expectancy in Russia. The focus is on healthcare development [and] the provision of medical equipment.”

Another part of the plan is the development of comfortable urban environments.

“It is very important to create comfortable living conditions for people,” Seko added.

Other areas of cooperation include “the development of new industries [and] the diversification of Russian industries,” Seko said.

Last month, it was reported that life expectancy of Russian residents increases each year by six months.

It was also reported that nearly 600 centenarians, people who are 100 or more years old, currently live in Moscow.