Russia's Khakassia Unveils Airboat For Extreme Tourism

PHOTO by Tourism Committee of the Republic of Khakassia /

Unlike other watercraft, this boat is easier to control, has a high load capacity and better maneuverability.

The Republic of Khakassia has unveiled a one-of-a-kind airboat, according to the press service of the regional tourism committee. It took more than a year to build the watercraft, which is known as the Prohadimets.

“Unlike conventional airboats, this one, designed by Vyacheslav Krechin, has better control and runs no risk of capsizing at full speed on sudden turns,” the press release said. “The stability of the boat is based on a special propeller system that allows the Prohadimets to be much quieter than its rivals.”

Its thrust helps to reduce fuel consumption by 20 to 30% while a solid polymer coating protects the bottom, allowing it to move in different directions and perform a number of different maneuvers.

The airboat will be mass-produced and sold with a starting price of about $31,000.

The airboat is a kind of amphibian, capable of reaching areas inaccessible to other watercraft. The extraordinary steadiness, maneuverability and great speed will make it, if effective, a popular choice among hunters, fishermen and extreme recreation enthusiasts.