Russia's Lomonosov Satellite to Monitor Asteroid Threat

PHOTO by Wikicommons

A satellite is set to be launched from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in April to monitor the threat of asteroids to earth, the news website has reported.

The Lomonosov spacecraft will be sent into the stratosphere to study cosmic phenomena such as gamma-ray bursts and ultra-high energy cosmic rays in the Earth's atmosphere, in Near Space and around the Universe. In addition, the satellite will monitor radiation and potential dangerous objects together with a network of ground-based telescopes.

"I would like to thank the company – the Federal Space Agency Roscosmos – for the implementation of the project in collaboration with scientists from the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU),” MSU rector Viktor Sadovnichy said at a press conference.

“This satellite is designed to study space and astrophysical measurements and will monitor asteroid danger. The most important thing will be high-energy rays. Our satellite is intended to study the interaction of ultra-high energy radiations from other galaxies,” he explained.

Sadovnichy also expressed gratitude to his counterparts from South Korea, Spain, the United States and other countries for their help in the international project.