Los Angeles Residents Discover Russian Cuisine

PHOTO by Far From Moscow

Russian chefs Anatoly Kazakov and Georgy Troyan showcased contemporary Russian cuisine in the US during the “Far From Moscow” Russian culture festival, according to a press release received by Lenta.ru from the event organisers on Dec. 14.

The festival took place from Dec. 10 to 11 on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles. Both evenings concluded with a gala dinner in Santa Monica in which Americans were treated to Russian delicacies.

Kazakov, a chef at the Moscow restaurant Selfie, explained that the main goal was to convey to Americans that Russian cuisine is not just “heavy, old-fashioned food with vodka,” but delicious, exquisite and unique dishes.

Troyan, the head chef at Moscow’s Severyane restaurant, said that many Americans expressed their delight after dinner and thanked both men. “It is very motivating and inspiring to present the diversity of Russian cuisine, especially when there are multiple ways of doing that,” Troyan said.

The “Far From Moscow” festival was held in California for the first time. Americans were also introduced to contemporary Russian music and cinema.