Majority of Russians Consider Themselves Patriots

PHOTO by Vitaly Nevar / TASS

Seventy-eight percent of Russian citizens consider themselves patriots, according to a survey conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Foundation, or FOM. However, the percentages changed depending on the level of education of the respondent.

Among respondents with a secondary general education or lower, only 69% considered themselves patriots while 87% of those who had received higher education confessed their love for the motherland.

Eight percent of respondents believe that patriotism manifests itself in a willingness to serve in the army and protect the homeland; six percent are sure that it lies in a reluctance to leave the country; five percent said that a true patriot must support the incumbent President Vladimir Putin and be an active citizen; 42% of respondents could not find the right words to define the meaning of patriotism.

The question “Is it compulsory for each citizen to be a patriot?” was answered affirmatively by 30% of the respondents while 68% said that this was a private matter for everyone.

Patriotism is characteristic of older people, according to 40% of respondents, and another 28% said it was typical of middle-aged people.