Maps for Visually Impaired May Soon Come to Moscow

PHOTO by Koltsovo Airport press service

A tactile-sound map for the visually impaired may soon appear in Moscow as part of an experiment to improve the city’s handicap-accessible environment, according to a report on the web portal from Vladimir Petrosyan, head of Moscow’s Department for Labour and Social Protection.

“The department is ready to provide comprehensive support to the organisation that offers options for this project,” Petrosyan said.

A similar tactile-sound map is already in place in Yekaterinburg. Users only need to touch the screen to activate it and in addition to the sensor, the device is equipped with a relief pad that gives instructions in Braille. The text is also read through the speakers. The system is meant to help blind people better navigate the city and make it simpler for them to find routes to necessary locations.

It was earlier reported that induction loops for passengers who are hard of hearing had appeared in the new ticket office at Moscow’s Kievskaya railway station.