Lee Perry to Perform in Russian V-A-C Foundation’s Sound Art Project

PHOTO by Anna_Om / Depositphotos

The V-A-C foundation, which promotes and develops contemporary Russian art, published a programme for its first project in the former GES-2 power station called "The Geometry of Now," a series of performances and installations dedicated to sound art.

The abandoned power station will become a platform for musical performances and other works of art related to the history of electronic music in Russia.

British musician and sound art guru Mark Fell is the programme curator, although the most-awaited guest is dub legend Lee "Scratch" Perry. In general, a lot of musicians from Russia and around the world are involved in the project. For example, Japanese composer Ryoko Akama will create a sound installation in collaboration with young Russian artist Boris Shershenkov while guitar player Stephen O'Malley from the American band Sunn O))) will perform with Alexei Tegin, a performer of Tibetan music.

"The Geometry of Now" will be held from Feb. 20 to 27. There will be a permanent installation along with the performances, as well as an educational programme. Ticket prices for the performances start at 800 to 900 roubles ($13.32 to $14.98) and multiple-event passes are available as well.