Mireille Mathieu Named Russian Language Ambassador to World

PHOTO by Iliya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

French singer Mireille Mathieu has been named a Russian Language Ambassador to the World, TASS reported.

“Your wonderful art is enjoyed in every single Russian home,” Margarita Rusetskaya, rector of the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, said while awarding Mathieu her new title. “You have performed in Russia many times and each of your visits is a source of great joy for the countless admirers of your talent. You have helped the French people discover many Russian songs and new aspects of Russian culture.”

In turn, Mathieu said she was proud of her new title, adding that she has always been captivated by how Russian sounds.

This past September, the French singer performed at the closing ceremony of the Spasskaya Bashnya military music festival in Moscow.