Moscow Named Among Top Seven Must-See Sites to Visit in 2017

PHOTO by kosmos111 / Depositphotos

The experts at National Geographic highlighted Moscow as one of the seven best places to visit in 2017, reports the magazine’s website.

Russia’s capital city is featured among the top seven travel destinations on the magazine’s 2017 Best of the World list. Apart from the Kremlin and Red Square, tourists are advised to visit the Moscow metro as well as VDNKh and the Vinzavod Centre for Contemporary Art.

The Best of the World list also includes South Korea’s capital of Seoul, which is particularly famous for the excellent shopping and entertainment opportunities the city’s Gangnam District offers its visitors.

Other cities that were named among the top places to visit next year are Anchorage (Alaska, USA), Marrakesh (Morocco), Madrid, Cartagena (Columbia) and Germany’s Hamburg.

National Geographic was first published in October 1888, nine months after the founding of the US National Geographic Society, to which it owes its name. The magazine has a circulation of four million copies per month in the USA, with a total of over eight million per month issued globally. The magazine is available in 36 languages and has been published in Russian since 2003.

The Guardian (UK) named ten prime spots for tourists in Moscow. The list includes, among others, VDNKh, Moscow bathhouses, the opera and the Dr. Zhivago restaurant.