Moscow Bus Terminal to Be Turned into Movie Theatre

PHOTO by go.arch

Following its reconstruction, the Moscow Central Bus Terminal (also known as the Shcholkovskiy Terminal) will be transformed into a modern multifunctional centre with platforms, concourses, waiting areas and shopping and entertainment zones, according to a statement published on the Mayor of Moscow’s official website.

The Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development has already approved the renovation project and its designs. The three-floor building will be replaced by an eleven-storey glass structure, which will have the appearance of a giant ship. It will include a movie theatre, a car park and shops.

“The first floor will house ticket offices, storage facilities and an info desk. Shops catering to travelers will be located on the second, third and fourth floors. The fifth floor is to be allocated for a movie theatre with a capacity of 500. A café will also operate here,” the statement notes.

The sixth floor will be designated for waiting areas, while the underground floors will have a car park with 955 available spaces.

The terminal is expected to process up to 15,000 passengers and 1,600 buses per day after the renovation is completed.