Moscow Delivery Service Kisses and Tells

PHOTO by majdansky / Depositphotos

The Hugs-n-Kisses delivery service is now up and running in Moscow, MK reported. People can request a courier using their email or mobile phones and anyone can use the service, regardless of gender or age.

Customers will need to describe in detail the time and place where the courier can find the recipient of this valuable gift. The courier will need to be warned about the possible risks since the reaction to a stranger’s kiss may be unexpected. Customers will also need to give clear instructions about whether the courier should kiss the addressee on the hand or on the cheek (kisses on the lips are not allowed). The courier will also need to be warned whether or not the customer’s name can be disclosed and whether video confirmation of the delivery is required.

Those willing, regardless of sex, age and marital status, may send a request to or call +7 (926) 722-66-39 and provide the name, age, phone number and address of the person they want to kiss or hug via courier service.