Moscow Gets Ready to Celebrate Maslenitsa

PHOTO by mallivan / Depositphotos

Thirteen festival locations will be operating throughout the Russian capital from Feb. 17 to 26.

Thirteen sites in the city centre will be selling the traditional pancakes during this year’s Maslenitsa celebrations. In addition, cooking classes, dances and other activities will be organised for visitors, according to the official website of the Mayor of Moscow.

Participants will have the opportunity not only to taste pancakes and learn how to make them but also to try their luck at pancake shooting, pancake frisbee and pancake curling, all of which will be held in Ploshchad Revolutsii.

Festival visitors will be able to taste buckwheat, chocolate and Guryev's pancakes as well as celery pancakes stuffed with raspberries, condensed milk, oranges, shrimp and much more.

The festival will take place from Feb. 17 to 26 along Novy Arbat, Tverskoy Boulevard and other central streets.