Moscow Home to Almost Six Hundred Centenarians

PHOTO by Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

Nearly 600 centenarians, people who are 100 or more years old, live in Moscow, TASS reported, quoting Vladimir Petrosyan, head of Moscow’s Department of Labour and Social Security.

According to Petrosyan, there are about 97,000 veterans of the World War II living in the city. "These are people older than 90; the most important thing for them is quality social service and care,” Petrosyan said. “The city is home to more than 360,000 people older than 80. More than 570 people are centenarians.”

He also noted that the city is working on the Active Longevity programme at the moment, which helps to improve the quality of life for older people. The project's aim is to adapt services and train nurses for the special care of veterans at their homes.