Moscow’s First Robot Historian is Moscow Metro Aficionado

PHOTO by Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

This summer, visitors of the Shchusev Museum of Architecture will be greeted by a handsome, blue-eyed chap with a touchpad on his chest, reports.

His name is Alantim and he will tell visitors everything he knows about the Moscow Metro at the new eponymously-named exhibit “Moscow Metro – The Underground Monument of Architecture”.

“Alantim knows over 400,000 phrases and can memorize the names of the people he spoke to, remember faces and even identify the age and sex of a person,” a spokesman said.

A representative of the Mocow Technological Institute, which currently employs the robot, promises that Alantim will deliver quite a performance – he will be able to talk with visitors and even make jokes.

Alantim will conduct human interaction based on criteria such as social group and gender. For example, he is programmed to focus on the artistry the Moscow Metro when talking with women, but he’ll start off with technical aspects of underground construction when approached by a man.

All new phrases heard by the robot are automatically archived. Robotics experts then alter Alantim’s behavior to take new information into consideration.

The robot was created in 2014 by a team from Perm. Alantim has a mobile chassis, which allows movement at a rate of 5 kmph. The digital tour guide has two arms capable of greeting people, a chest-mounted touchscreen and an interactive head. He is capable of winking and making his eyes into heart shapes. Other features include taking and even printing pictures. As of 2016, Alantim was tasked with delivering lectures on various subjects, including robotics at the Moscow institute.

Currently two tours are planned for Alantim, with the first one scheduled for July 14. The robot will talk about the most notable projects of the Moscow Metro, as well as its architectural highlights and historic milestones. More information will be available later at the museum website.