Moscow Student 3D-Prints Splint That Accelerates Healing by One-Third


Nikita Kruglov, a student in Moscow’s School No. 185, used a 3D-printer to print a brace for bone fractures that accelerates their healing, 3DToday reported.

Like a usual plaster splint, Kruglov's securely locks the arm, but it's more comfortable and hygienic due to air vents.

Each brace is made according to patient measurements. First, a three-dimensional virtual model of a patient's limb is created, and then a splint is printed.

Russia moscow student 3d printer1

The two halves of the prosthesis are connected with plastic ties. There is a built-in ultrasonic pulse device that accelerates the recovery rate of bone tissue.

According to the results from the first clinical trials, the splint reduced recovery time by about a third.