Moscow Streets to Be Decorated in Italian Style for New Year's

PHOTO by Sergey Guneev / RIA Novosti

A concept for the Moscow-wide outdoor New Year decorations has been approved, the Mayor of Moscow's official website reported.

The decorations will be in an Italian style in honour of the close historic ties between the cultures of Russia and Italy.

Thirty-five festive trees will be installed in the city’s squares over the coming weeks. The tallest will grace Lubyanka Square in central Moscow.

The New Year decorations will be in white with red and blue inserts, while some of the adornments will carry a red-and-beige rooster motif since the Rooster is the animal associated with year 2017 in the Chinese zodiac, an astrological system that is popular in Russia.

Italian designs will also be used for New Year lights that will be put in place throughout the Russian capital along with a multitude of 3D light sculptures and other installations.

As reported earlier, Russia’s main New Year tree was found in a forest near Moscow.