Moscow to Test Self-Driving Vehicles for Car Sharing

PHOTO by chesky_w / Depositphotos

Self-driving Delimobil vehicles intended for car sharing will be introduced onto Moscow’s public roads in 2017, N+1 reported, quoting the Moscow City Government website.

The test phase is expected to proceed over several stages. First, the vehicles will be driven on a special testing course at a factory in Moscow, where they will have to cover several thousand kilometers before being allowed onto city streets. Meanwhile, the Moscow City Government will introduce amendments to the Highway Code, which so far prohibits the use of driverless cars on public roads in Russia.

In the period following the launch of the car sharing service, the rented vehicles will be operated with a Delimobil employee in the car who can take control in case of an emergency. Later, the service is expected to go completely driverless, and passengers will be able to use the driverless vehicles by giving voice commands.

The exact car model to be used as a basis for the self-driving cars is still unknown. In all likelihood, an existing mass-produced model will be selected for this purpose. If so, self-driving cars will only take a short time to create.