Moscow Wi-Fi Provider May Launch Service in Berlin and Singapore Metro

PHOTO by Zurab Dzhavakhadze / TASS

Maxima Telecom, a public Wi-Fi provider, is making a bid for a chance to construct Wi-Fi networks in subways and commuter trains worldwide, stated the company’s Head of Internet Business Artem Pulikov, at the RIW 2016 forum.

According to Pulikov, the projects are similar to those that have been implemented in the Moscow metro. “It has to do with creating the infrastructure – equipment, launching and so on. We act primarily as a technology partner. The technology used in Moscow is unique. We are the proprietors, and other countries want a similar service,” said Pulikov.

The company is participating in these international tenders through its foreign partners. Apart from technology, the idea of making money is also tempting.

"You get two things in one – we build the infrastructure and monetise it," added Pulikov.

Among the prospective cities are Singapore and Berlin. In the US, Maxima Telecom is trying its luck in Boston, where the project would be carried out on commuter trains. The service, claims Pulikov, is in huge demand due to high LTE costs.

“I hope this year we’ll get a chance to start work on one or two projects with our partners,” he said.