Moscow Zoo to Organise Free Tours Showing Connections to World of Art

PHOTO by red-feniks / Depositphotos

Guides from six different Moscow museums have created tour programmes for the Moscow Zoo that will describe the impact of wildlife on the work of such artists as writers Marina Tsvetaeva, Sergei Yesenin and Konstantin Paustovsky, composer Alexander Scriabin, sculptor Zurab Tsereteli and 20th-century fashion designers, according to the website of the Mayor of Moscow.

On Feb. 18 and 19, a total of 16 tours will be held at the zoo to celebrate Global Guide’s Day. The tours will be free for all, although an entrance ticket to the zoo is required.

“Guides from Moscow’s museums will acquaint visitors with the animals through poetry and prose, music, sculpture and fashion of the 20th century,” the website read.

Guides from the Moscow State Museum of Sergei Yesenin will take visitors to the zoo’s stables while those from the Marina Tsvetaeva Memorial Flat and Museum will lead guests along the zoo’s paths, where the poet loved to walk with her daughter.

Guides from the Moscow Literary Museum Centre of K.G. Paustovsky will discuss the animals that inspired the writer in his stories. Guides from the Museum and Studio of Zurab Tsereteli will lead tours to the corners of the zoo that hide sculptures of animals and fairy-tale characters created by the sculptor.

The Fashion Museum’s guides will explain how tigers, leopards and zebras were the main inspiration for fashion lovers in the 20th century.

Guides from the Alexander Scriabin Memorial Museum will reveal the impact of animal imagery on his music.