Moscow’s Aptekarsky Garden Receives 1,500 Snowdrops

PHOTO by servickuz / Depositphotos

Sochi-based nursery Pervotsvet has given over 1,500 Voronov snowdrops to the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University in honour of the Year of Ecology, the Aptekarsky Garden announced yesterday.

"These snowdrops were literally saved from bulldozers,” said Alexei Reteium, director of the botanical garden. “This is happening each year. Large-scale development doesn't take into consideration places where flowers grow naturally. The Sochi nursery is trying to fight this."

Starting today, visitors can see snowdrops in the "Rehearsal of Spring" tulip exhibition. Once the exhibition ends on Sunday, the flowers will be planted outside.

In addition to flowers, Pervotsvet wants to give gambusias to the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University. This fish was taken from the wild and bred for residents in the Krasnodar region to fight against the Zika virus since these fish eat mosquitoes, including those that carry the virus.

It was reported earlier that a robot gardener had been introduced at the botanical garden that will start working once "Rehearsal of Spring" closes. The robot will plant seeds, take care of plants and destroy weeds.