Most Russians Believe Army Can Protect Russia

PHOTO by Miragik / Depositphotos

According to a poll conducted by the Russia Public Opinion Research Centre, or VTsIOM, 92% of Russians said that Russia’s Armed Forces are able to protect the country and its citizens in the event of a threat, RIA Novosti reported.

According to the results, only three percent of respondents expressed doubts about the armed forces’ capabilities. Meanwhile, 76% believe that the fighting capacity of the Russian army has increased over the last two to three years while only two percent voiced the opposite opinion.

Three-quarters of respondents said that the Armed Forces have influenced the development of the economy and 70% believe that the army impacts the lives of ordinary Russians.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the country was stronger than any potential aggressor during a meeting with the Ministry of Defence. However, the president stressed that there was no reason to drop their guard and “allow at least one major failure in the modernisation of the army and navy, in the preparation of troops.”

“The situation can change very quickly in view of the pace of events taking place in the world,” President Putin said.