Russia's Murmansk to Host Arctic Circle’s First International AV Festival

PHOTO by ddcoral / Depositphotos

Inversia, the first international audiovisual festival above the Arctic Circle, will take place in Murmansk from Feb. 2 to 4. Musicians and artists from Russia and Northern Europe will be participating in the event.

The goal of Inversia is to change the perception of the city as a place of darkness and geographic isolation, as the festival's page on Russian social network VKontakte states. In order to show the city in a new light, musicians and artists will work with urban spaces to show that the polar night is not really as gloomy as it seems.

The festival will include lectures, exhibitions, workshops, concerts and parties at different sites in Murmansk. The Teribersky Pomorsky Choir will perform alongside Ivan Zoloto, a member of electronic duo Love Cult, to open the festival.

Norwegian producer and multi-instrumentalist Carl Stormer will also perform. He is bringing a group of musicians from Northern Norway with him to screen and play a live soundtrack for the snowboarding film "1997 Forever.”

Finnish trio K-X-P, multimedia artist Dmitry «:vtol:» Morozov, Danish duo Maria Diekmann and Maria Bertel, Moscow-based electronic musician Moa Pillar and others are also featured in the festival's lineup.

In August 2016, the festival “Teriberka: A New Life” took place in the eponymous village in the Murmansk region. The village is best known as the setting for Andrey Zvyagintsev’s controversial 2014 film "Leviathan.”