Muscovites’ Favourite Car Revealed

PHOTO by Konstantinp / Depositphotos

In October, the Hyundai Solaris became the best-selling model on the market of new cars in Moscow. The rating of the most popular models on the basis of market survey was produced by Autostat Analytical Agency.

According to the survey, 1,225 Hyundai Solaris models were sold over the past month in Moscow. The KIA Rio (1,040 cars) came in second place. However, in comparison to 2015, sales of these two makes dropped by 25% and 5% respectively.

Appearing in the third spot of the October rating was the Volkswagen Polo, with 775 cars sold, while the Hyundai Creta (737 cars) came in fourth. The Skoda Octavia (578 cars) rounded out the list of the top five leaders.

The top ten most popular models in Moscow also included:

Skoda Rapid (506 cars); Toyota Camry (416 cars); Ford Focus (400 cars); Nissan X-Trail (396 cars); Nissan Qashqai (362 cars).

“The market of new cars in Moscow totalled 17,400 cars at the end of October 2016, which is only 0.2% less than a year ago,” the agency noted.