Muscovites to Be First to Get 5G

PHOTO by Artem Geodakyan / TASS

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Russian mobile operators are ready to introduce blazing fast 5G Internet and Muscovites will get the first chance to test it. Moscow, together with St. Petersburg and Kazan, is one of the leaders in increasing Internet speed, says TelecomDaily, an information and research agency.

According to analysts, when it comes to evaluating Internet speed, people usually base their judgment on mobile Internet, which is why mobile operators are so keen to switch to 5G. It is highly unlikely, however, that devices that support this format will be on the market any time soon, with TelecomDaily predicting that this won’t happen until 2018.

The research also underlines that people value a consistent connection, so operators are set on improving the Internet quality in shopping and business centres.

In Russia, there are less and less wide-spread signal interruptions: this year, there have been no more than three such interruptions and they have only involved two out of four mobile operators.

Nevertheless, signal consistency inside buildings can be weaker, which is important considering that it is inside that people make more than 50% of phone calls and internet searches. As for good connection on regional highways and railroads, TelecomDaily believes we are not going to get it any time soon despite the inconvenience for users.