Russia Recognised Among Top 25 Best Countries in the World

PHOTO by Depositphotos

Thanks to a formidable armed forces and proficient diplomacy, Russia has been ranked among the Top 25 best countries in the world.

The list, which ranks 60 nations in total and was compiled by the US News & World Report, was presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos that was held on Jan. 17-20 in Switzerland.

The rating is based on nine criteria – appeal to tourists, social benefits for citizens, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, heritage, speed of economic development, openness to business, military and political weight, and quality of life.

Although scoring moderately across most criteria, Russia was recognised as the second-largest world power, with the United States taking the first place.

Openness to business was one of the problem areas reflected in the rating; Russia scored 10/10 on the ‘red tape’ scale and 9.4/10 on the corruption scale. At the same time, openness of government was evaluated to be one of the worst in the world.

US News & World Report placed Russia 20th on the entrepreneurship scale, tenth on the speed of economic development scale, 25th in terms of cultural influence and 19th on the scale of historic heritage.

Other criterias included: lack of Russia’s appeal to tourists which was ranked 47th, citizenship benefits which was placed 33rd and Russia’s quality of life took 42nd place.