Moscow City Library Branch Opens at the North Pole

PHOTO by Baloncici / Depositphotos

The first northernmost library has been opened for border guards and scientific explorers on Franz Josef Land, reports

The idea to organise a non-stationary library in the archipelago was suggested by the librarians of the Western District of Moscow. Realisation of the project took almost two months, of which five days were spent by the expedition getting to the North Pole.

“We are extremely proud that the libraries subordinate to the Department of Culture of Moscow, helped in the creation of a cultural cluster near the North Pole. This is perhaps the most original project, which makes us re-think the true purpose of the book again,” said Acting General Director of Moscow’s Directorate of Cultural Centres Vladimir Vladimirov.

According to the head of the library expedition Igor Novikov, a little more than 30 people live on the Nagurskoe base in the archipelago. They are almost in a total state of information isolation. Border guards and scientists work on Franz Josef Land all year round.

Moscow librarians brought 250 books to the border guards. The meeting hall was transformed into a reading room. The military staff and scientists received both classical and contemporary works, as well as practical guides, including one on how to build a bathhouse. The new library also features bestsellers by Dan Brown and Paulo Coelho, the works of Mikhail Bulgakov, Ivan Turgenev, Sergey Esenin, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Jane Austen and others.