Oldest Moscow Street to Be Preserved in Archaeological Museum

PHOTO by Slavikboxerr / Depositphotos

Velikaya Street, Moscow’s oldest, has been preserved for the future Zaryadye Park’s archaeological museum, Mos.ru reported. Visitors will see fragments of the wooden-paved road and its wooden houses.

Velikaya Street was uncovered on the territory of the future Park in 2015. In the 12th century, the street went from the Yeleninskiye Gate of the Kremlin to the merchant’s docks along the Moscow River. When the Kitaygorod Wall was built in the 16th century, this street was cut off from the docks and faded in importance. It was later called Mokrinsky Lane in honor of Saint Nicholas on the Waters, the patron saint of sailors.

The remaining fragments of Velikaya Street as well as other discoveries are currently kept in the labs of the Stolichnoye Archaeological Bureau. Apart from those, the museum might exhibit birch bark manuscripts and silver coins that were also discovered in the future park. Work is currently underway to construct a roof over the main item in the park — the partial foundation of the Kitaygorod Wall.