Omsk Woman Found to Have Largest Feet in Russia

PHOTO by / Depositphotos

Omsk resident Ekaterina Puzikova was recognised as the woman with largest feet in Russia, taking her place in the Russian Book of Records, according to a statement posted on the local website

The website notes that the 23-year-old’s feet are 302 millimeters long (almost 12 inches or a foot), which is a European size 47 (American 13). Puzukova said that finding a pair of shoes is a challenge and is forced to shop for men’s footwear.

Ekaterina, who is 193 centimetres (6’4”) tall, used to play basketball for the local team Neftyanik, but she chose not to pursue an athletic career for undisclosed reasons. The website did not mention her current occupation.

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The Russian Book of Records is a project aimed at creating a nation-wide information depositary. Most records are dedicated to the following categories: Sport, Architecture, Human and Geography. An achievement is recorded in the book only if the person setting it is a Russian citizen.