Orchid Museum Opens in Russia's Vologda

PHOTO by pellinni / Depositphotos

An orchid museum opens in Vologda this month, the first of its kind in northwest Russia, Interfax reported.

The museum’s creators hope that this unique exhibition of orchids will be a new stage in the development of Vologda’s botanical garden and will attract the attention of tourists and the general public.

“The orchid is a very well-known flower and it has gained a wild popularity around the world over the last ten to 12 years, eclipsing the rose and becoming the number one flower,” said Anton Nikitin, founder of the botanical garden.

“The museum will have various types of orchids. It will be a place where people will not only be able to see different kinds of orchids, but also get detailed information about each presented.”

The exposition will showcase about 1,000 plants and there are plans to collect over 10,000 in total. Each plant will have a plaque next to it with information about the type of orchid, including its history, region and interesting facts.