Moscow’s Ostankino Tower to Open Doors for Public

PHOTO by Vladimir Pesnya / RIA Novosti

This year, tourists and all comers will be given the opportunity to observe the internal structure of the Ostankino Television Tower in Moscow, according to the official website of the Moscow City Hall.

Tour programs to the technical rooms of the tower located at the 85th floor are currently being developed. Engineers are also construction an observation deck for visitors.

Moscow residents and tourists will be able to see the load-bearing concrete walls of the tower, as well as 145 steel cables that support them. In addition, they will be shown button telephones, which have been preserved since the first days of the tower’s operation.

As of today, the tower offers daily excursions to the museum and to the observation deck built at an altitude of 337 metres that opens a panoramic view of the city.

Ostankino Tower is located in the north-east of Moscow. It was officially opened on Nov. 5, 1967. The tower is 540 metres high.