Over 120,000 Foreigners Want to Learn Russian

PHOTO by  Grigoriy Sisoev / RIA Novosti

A total of 125 million people are currently studying Russian abroad, according to research from Alexander Pushkin State Institute.

Open source data from 185 countries was used for this project, including information provided by the World Bank, foreign and online recruitment agencies and services, reports provided by Russia’s Foreign Ministry, analytical data compiled by the Ministry of Education and the Russian Education Academy.

The Russian Telecom and Mass Communications Ministry said the research gauged demand for Russian regarding job opportunities, business applications, culture and literature, education, military and technical cooperation and political science.

It confirms Russian is in particularly high demand in CIS states, with 100 million citizens interested in learning. Europe, Africa and China each have 3 million people looking to study Russian, North America and Latin America have 2 million aspiring Russophones, whereas India and South Africa each have 1.5 million people.

South East Asia, Japan and South Korea all have one million prospective students of Russian and one million more are spread among Arabic nations.